A national pro-life nonprofit focused on advocating for life and supporting all like-minded organizations coast-to-coast in Canada.

Who We Are

LifeCanada is a national association of educational pro-life groups who promote and protect the value of human life.

Our mandate is to create resources, training, and programming for our member groups. We strive to inspire individuals to see the true value of human life and overcome hardship in ways that do not violate the rights and dignity of others.

What We Do

Through our innovative use of multi-media campaigns, we train and support member groups and hundreds of dedicated pro-lifers in five principal areas:

  • Programs
  • National Campaigns
  • Training & Conferences
  • National Polling
  • Resources

Our mission is to protect all human life at all stages — from conception to death and the well being of the mother thereafter.

Our Member Groups

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The work of LifeCanada is made possible entirely through the generous support of our donors.
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