Dear Friends:

I am writing to ask you to please take action with us on a matter of grave importance.

As you may know, in February 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada handed down its decision in the Carter Case, giving Parliament and our federal government a deadline to draft and pass a law regulating what is now being referred to as MAID (Medical Aid in Dying).

euthanasiaincanada-what-can-you-do-lifecanadaThe Prime Minister struck a Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying, which on February 25 released its report. It made twenty-one recommendations that went shockingly well beyond what would have been necessary to comply with the Supreme Court's instructions.

The Liberal government has until June 6 of this year, which is only three months away, to pass a law on MAID. We can only hope that the law they propose and ultimately pass will be much more constrained than what the parliamentary committee's recommendations suggest.

If ever there was a time for those who believe in respect for human life in all its stages and conditions to take action that time is now.

Life Canada is developing a full response strategy. As a start, I am asking you to write letters or emails to at least three officials: your local MP; our Justice Minister; and our Prime Minister. Please express your objections to the recommendations and ask that the law which is to be drafted reflects a balanced approach that acknowledges and includes the perspective of the millions of Canadians who see euthanasia and assisted suicide as a serious affront to the moral fabric of our society.

On the side panel of this page, there are some internet links to a variety of perspectives about the dangers of the recommendations, and a sample letter which can be modified according to your own unique perspective. You may want to select the two or three issues that mean most you in the sample to inspire your own writing.

Please inform yourselves and get involved in this letter writing/email campaign which has potential to influence the law that will be drafted. We have a short period, of only weeks, in which to counteract the irresponsible and radical approach taken by the committee advising Parliament.

We may have lost the fight to prevent legalizing MAID but we have not lost the fight to guide the form that the law will take.


Natalie Sonnen
Executive Director
Life Canada


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