Our Mission & Vision

To undertake educational activities promoting the value of human life, to serve our members, and to advocate for the most vulnerable members of society.

To establish the value of human life in the hearts and minds of Canadians and their institutions.


Our Objectives

The object of LifeCanada is the establishment and operation of a national association of local and provincial educational pro-life groups across Canada.

We act as a public voice for our member groups on life issues of a national scope, coordinating national media and educational campaigns.

We provide for the publication of information for further dissemination, and the holding of educational lectures, public and private meetings, seminars and conferences on life issues.

We work with other organizations with similar objectives in projects and activities that promote respect for human life.

We educate individuals on how to critically evaluate messages disseminated by media, government authorities and agents, academia, and special interest groups, thereby enabling them to participate fully and effictively in discussions on life issues and public policy.

We make representations to governments at all levels, government agencies and school boards on matters of public policy relating to controversial life issues, within the limits of the Income Tax Act.

We provide information on counseling and referral services to the public with regard to unforseen pregnancies, post-abortion syndrome, post-adoption and post-birth difficulties.