Life Canada


LifeCanada is a national association of educational pro-life groups who promote and protect the value of human life.

Our mandate is to create resources, training, and programming for our member groups. We strive to inspire individuals to see the true value of human life and overcome hardship in ways that do not violate the rights and dignity of others.

Through our innovative use of multi-media campaigns, we train and support member groups and hundreds of dedicated pro-lifers in five principal areas:

  • Programs
  • National Campaigns
  • Training & Conferences
  • National Polling
  • Resources

Pat Wiedemer

President/Board Chair of LifeCanada National

Pat Wiedemer is an experienced executive leader in the pro-life movement in Canada and has served on the Board of Directors since 2017.

George Glover

Development Director

George oversees fundraising and development and enjoys working with the LifeCanada team. He comes from a background of over 40 years in non-profit executive leadership. George is passionate about fundraising and has a long history of helping not-for-profit organizations become successful and sustainable.

Ivanka Galadza

Administrative Assistant

Ivanka has been involved in pro-life initiatives since 2008 and has worked at LifeCanada for over 3 years. Her background as an artist allows her to tackle challenges with a creative and hopeful approach.

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Board of Directors


The Board provides advice on planning, management and development of LifeCanada and its work nationally. Board duties include such items as development of annual business plans, marketing strategies, strategic planning, and increased public awareness.


Board members serve a term of three years and may be reappointed for additional terms.


The board meets four times a year or as required.


For more information on our national governance board, please contact us.