Life Canada

Our Work

“They are not trying to sway politicians but rather to inspire ordinary people to make a difference. To me this is the real future of the pro-life movement: Small groups changing hearts one at a time.” – Charles Lewis, Columnist for the Toronto Catholic Register and former editor of the Holy Post at the National Post.

Make Time for Life

Make Time for Life is an educational program for people volunteering in pastoral care. This program provides an in-depth look at end-of-life issues, and gives people confidence to volunteer with those in their final stages of life.

LifeCanada Kids

LifeCanada Kids is an initiative that brings pro-life education to children and youth. Our resources help parents and grandparents guide their kids through life issues, to cultivate wisdom and virtue.

National Media Campaigns

LifeCanada creates exceptional campaigns to help pro-life member groups educate their communities on vital life issues like abortion and women’s health. Our nationwide campaigns include billboards, television spots, and radio ads.

Missing Project

Missing Project is an initiative solemnly commemorating all lives lost since abortion became legal in Canada in 1988. On the tragic 50th anniversary of this event, in 2019 LifeCanada and its partner groups released 50 video testimonials and 1 documentary film, which is still available today.


This web-based initiative and national campaign provides extensive statistical information for the student, researcher, or the woman wanting to know more about a serious life-threatening procedure. To better equip women, this site provides contact information for all the support services available in Canada today, and real-life stories that give inspiration and positive re-enforcement.