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Here are FIVE points that you can use with your children to bring them awareness of life issues.

  1. Delaying gratification for a deeper and more lasting good. Have children think about how they feel when they don’t automatically give in to their desires, but save something they really want for a special time. Have you children think about how special Christmas Day is, following the weeks of anticipation. Wouldn’t it be sad if we didn’t wait to open our presents under the tree? How about waiting for your Birthday to arrive, or waiting for a special friend to come over to play. Discuss how exciting it is to wait for a mother to give birth to a new baby. Waiting is an important part of life. It teaches us patience, acceptance, and it helps us to appreciate the things we have now AND the things, the people, and the experiences that we are waiting for!
  2. Consider how each human being has the same nature. The way we look, our size, development, and where we live can all be different, but every human being has the same nature that desires love, goodness, beauty, justice, and truth.
  3. Have children think about the ‘right to life.’ What does it mean and from where do we get this ‘right,’ from our governments, or from our Creator? If a government gives us this right, can they not also take it away? What would that mean for our families, friends, and for ourselves? (For older children.)
  4. Does life come from non-life? Or is life a continuum, meaning, is life passed on continuously from one generation to the other? This is a wonderful concept! Have children think about how their parents were alive, and their parents before them, and so on all the way back to the beginning of the human race. The passing on of life never stops – life cannot come from non-life or from something that is dead. Wow! Life is passed on like a flame or torch is passed from one person to another.
  5. When did your heart start to beat? Have children try to guess then show them the beautiful images of unborn human life. Many images can be found online, but we recommend this beautiful book called Angel in the Waters which follows the life of an unborn baby through the eyes of her guardian angel. You can purchase the book from Sophia Press:  https://www.sophiainstitute.com/products/item/angel-in-the-waters or on Amazon here.


Here is an excellent resource e-book full of great recommendations for parents. LifeCanada’s Natalie Sonnen put together a wealth of items for parents who want to give their children the best education possible. Click on the button below to download this e-booklet with resources for children ranging from pre-school through to senior high.


Philo and Sophie™ is a dynamic, new video-based curriculum that teaches children the basic philosophical truths of logic, happiness, morality, and respect for human life!
Featuring engaging puppets, actors, and animation, we open the minds and hearts of young children through wisdom-cultivating and virtue-building lessons.

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This lovely children’s book illustrates the first nine months together of mother and child before they meet each other for the first time. This book can be found though the Sister’s For Life site here.


Look Again, Thomas

The inspiration for this book is Angelo Pio, a little boy with Down Syndrome, who lives in Manhattan. The Sisters of Life know Angelo and his mother. The book is for Angelo and all children with special needs who see with wonder and awe God’s goodness and beauty all around them.

More information on this book can be found here.


When You Became You

“You are the only you.
You are special—one of a kind.
Do you know when you began to exist as a human being?
This picture book is a celebration of your humanity and your human development—one of the most extraordinary phenomena in all of science and nature.”

Learn where you can access this book here.