The Dying Healed Program is based on a 50 page manual and a corresponding 40 page workbook. The manual is an excellent teaching resource, divided into five main sections for easy referencing. It is fully researched and logically presented with learning outcomes and discussion questions for each section.

The Dying Healed Manual covers the purpose of the program, what it is intended to do and not do. It examines important concepts such as human dignity, the purpose and meaning of human suffering, and the power of human presence. It is intelligently written and illustrated with stories and case studies. The final two sections of the manual cover the practical aspects of volunteering to spend time with those who are suffering, home-bound, or lonely.

The manual also devotes a final section to the practicalities of what to expect when approaching an institution to volunteer, and a section on recommended reading.

The accompanying volunteer workbook follows the manual but includes educational tools such as places to add reflections or thoughts about what the volunteer is learning, fill in the blank sections, and quotations for reflection and comparison.

The program is designed to be taught in 5 separate sessions of about 1 hour each, or in 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

LifeCanada will provide online support to your group, training facilitators in your organization in best practices in order to deliver this program effectively to your community. To assist with this aspect of the program, there is a ready-made Power Point presentation included that will cover how to set up your training program, how to present each section, how many hours of training are needed, and what to charge.


Training can be provided in two ways:

  1. Your group can organize to have a representative from LifeCanada come to your area to hold the Dying Healed Training sessions for volunteers. This will include extra costs, including travel, accommodation, and a stipend.  These costs can be discussed with LifeCanada by calling 1-866-780-5433.
  2. Your group can have someone from your organization, church, or group attend the online training.  Once this person has successfully completed the training, they may then facilitate training sessions for your group. 


The Online Course

Those interested in being a facilitator in their area or organization can take a preparation course online with LifeCanada. This online course will give all of the information needed to understand key concepts, and how to use the manual in conjunction with the workbook. The training will be three hours in length. Those attending the course must be associated with a LifeCanada member group or any other organization that intends to implement the Dying Healed Program and has purchased the materials.

Training sessions will be scheduled periodically throughout the year. Please contact us for future facilitator training dates.

To apply for the online course, fill out the following form and return it to LifeCanada.


In order to hold a training session or to have someone attend the online course, your group will need to purchase the program materials.

The program materials include the Make Time for Life Campaign Materials. These are the beautifully designed posters, social media ads, and banner images to help your organization advertise the Dying Healed training program in your community.

Program materials include:
1 training manual with lesson plans
20 workbooks for volunteers
1 power point training presentation

Make Time for Life marketing materials
Follow-up forms template
Online support from LifeCanada



a  LifeCanada Member Group: $295.00

b.    Non-member/Supporting Groups: $495.00

c.    Any other organization/diocese: $695.00


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