Abortion Number One

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Abortion had the dubious distinction again in 2021 of being the world’s leading killer  .

According to Worldometer , a web site that publishes data from the World Health Organization , 42.6 million babies were slaughtered in their mother’s womb last year .

Deaths from cancer were significantly lower at approximately 8 million while the widely-hyped coronavirus came in a distant third at 3.5 million lives .

And these figures do not include abortifacient drugs or at-home abortions through prescriptions available on demand .

Voice of the Family estimates legalized abortion has claimed more human beings ( two billion in the last 30 years alone ) than all the wars and international conflicts throughout recorded history .

Clearly , the mother’s womb supposedly the safest place in the universe is statistically the most dangerous .

Abortion promoted by well-funded extremists and enforced by government is far beyond the capacity of the pro-life movement to defeat on its own .

It’s a spiritual battle that can only be won through a concerted effort by all who value and respect human dignity and the moral law .

Nearly 43 million innocent lives cut short by a heinous and selfish act .  43 million !!! .

Mind boggling . God have mercy on us all.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash