True Palliative Care on Life Support in Canada

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By definition, assisted suicide and euthanasia are contrary to palliative care, but that matters not to liberal governments and others who pursue death on demand for Canada. They seem to think injecting someone with a lethal substance is caring for them in their last days. Just ask Angelina Ireland, president of the Delta Hospice Society who last year was subject to a relentless campaign by the BC Government and others to force her to provide what they euphemistically call “Medical Aid in Dying” (MAiD) for their clients.

After courageously refusing to kill their patients inside the walls of the Irene Thomas Hospice House, Angelina was subjected to an orchestrated campaign to intimidate and harass her into submission. Angelina and her board stood strong, however, and were ultimately forced out of their own hospice by the government.

Find out the real story of what happened to the Delta Hospice Society and how you can support them in their effort to establish, and ultimately save, true palliative care in BC.


Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash