But this wouldn’t happen to me…

Mar 13, 2023

In the recent mailings we have focused on uplifting stories of Islanders persevering for love of LIFE. In reading these, perhaps we can be convinced that struggles like these are not part of one’s own LIFE. Let me share something with you from my LIFE… 

“I grew up here in a great home as one of four kids. In my typical Island family, we have since had three suicides and chronic illnesses. Recently, my brother, who had suffered stroke a couple of years ago, called to say, he had requested euthanasia. He had even set an appointment. I never thought any of this would happen to me… 

Two weeks later a good friend of mine, tells me of a similar story in her family. And this past week, I had someone sit in my office and tell me his friend was not receiving food because the doctor and the caregivers, had decided it is better to let him die.” 


These are all Island stories. I ask you:

Are you ready for such a call from one of your loved ones?

Our mission at PEI Life is to speak LIFE so that YOU can speak LIFE.  

Many times, we lack the realization that we are involved, that this is our story too. We are all deeply challenged by the struggle to speak,  uphold and defend LIFE. We need words of LIFE.   

Your contributions afford us the opportunity to have these conversations and help prepare Islanders so that if you are faced with such a call today, you will be prepared speak LIFE and even save a LIFE.  

Thank you for all your support and please continue to give generously.