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Who We Are/What We Do:

Our vision is to provide a way to bring TRUTH about LIFE from conception to natural death.

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in prayer and loving service for the women, men, and children affected by abortion and euthanasia by supporting our pregnancy and senior centres, providing educational resources, and peacefully lobbying for the human rights of all people, especially the unborn and the elderly.

Blog Posts

Abortion Number One

Abortion Number One

Abortion had the dubious distinction again in 2021 of being the world's leading killer  . According to Worldometer , a web site that publishes data from the World Health Organization , 42.6 million babies were slaughtered in their mother's womb last year . Deaths from...

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True Palliative Care on Life Support in Canada

True Palliative Care on Life Support in Canada

By definition, assisted suicide and euthanasia are contrary to palliative care, but that matters not to liberal governments and others who pursue death on demand for Canada. They seem to think injecting someone with a lethal substance is caring for them in their last...

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Bill C-10 – Serious implications for free speech

Bill C-10 – Serious implications for free speech

Why the Passing of Bill C10 Matters to Pro-lifers…and Everyone Else Multiple gag orders, limited debate and a rushed vote in the middle of the night hardly sounds like the makings of a transparent and democratic legal process, but that is just what has happened with...

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Ralph Jr. Falle: President
Cathy Arruda: Treasurer

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